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Q. Why

People with websites often ask 'how do I know if people look at it or not?' It is complex and can be expensive to submit your website to the big search engines. Here is where we score. We have several domain names concerning Warwickshire, and the towns within, all pointing towards our main site. This means that we have much more of a presence on the world wide web which means we should attract many more visits. So people will come here and look for what they want . . . you and your business or service.

Q. Who can be on

Anyone who is in or has a business in Warwickshire even if it is part of a larger group. From the Self-employed to companies employing hundreds of people.

Q. Why should I have my company/services on

You should be listed if you have anything to sell or a service to offer. Because this is the 'local site' people come to our listing rather that the 'country-wide' and more general other listings. It is good to promote and use local businesses in and around where we live.

Q. Must I have a website to be on

No. Not at all. We do not sell websites (but there maybe someone Advertising with us that does).

Q. Why is more cost effective than other advertising?

We are much more cost effective because of the technology of the world wide web. Newspaper advertising can be expensive, only last for one or two weeks, have a limited circulation and is never there when you want it! is available 24/7/365. There are over 280000* residents in the county of Warwickshire who potentially will need your services, product or business at some stage. When they do they can look on not look for the newspaper and 'that advert I saw sometime ago'.
*ONS 1991 Census: People in Warwickshire aged between 18-75.

Q. Where can I read you Terms and Conditions covering Advertising on and the Use of the Warwickshire website?

There is a link directly to our Terms and Conditions as the foot of each page and various other pages throughout the site. You may also click here to be taken the the page.

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